Digital Risk, Security & Compliance

Digital Risk, Security & Compliance

Acceleration of the digital world puts huge pressure on organisations around the globe. A prolific increase in regulatory compliance, financial crime, cyber threats, big data and Artificial Intelligence means for organisations a minefield of issues and solutions. DataProtech is a world leader and visionary in “digital hygiene” operating across 4 continents and in over 12+ countries we cut through the digital noise to bring leading edge solutions and advice for this digital challenge.

Our Area of Expertise

Protect & Detect

Leverage the latest in technology to monitor, detect and defend your internal and external digital assets. Assess internal networks and monitor for bad actors who wish to do your organisation harm.

Detecting Crime

Financial crime, terrorist funding and fraudsters cost organisations millions every year. Utilise our services to perform KYC, EDD, AML and PEP checks. Covert and Overt operations to identify fraud and dark web OSINT to protect your brand.


Gathering intelligence can be difficult at times. We are experts at such work and with our technology we are able to simplify such exercises. From bad actors through to world events we are able to react and gather intelligence at pace and with accuracy, analysis, reporting and correlation.

Data Management

Information is power but enriching data extends the power considerably. Big Data, Data Lakes and AI all play a part in technology enrichment.  Such enrichment can bring many advantages to data analytics and data sciences.


Regulations and compliance is now one of the major headaches for organisations. GDPR, ISO27001, HIPAA; the list is endless. Understanding the process of compliance is paramount. We help our clients with this process and the creation of plans and policies.

What Our Customers are saying

“Compliance for data protection, PCI-DSS and several other regulatory issues became a business constraint and we took the help and advice from DataProtech to assist in this matter. They have single handily provided us with solutions to our issues and we are now ahead of the compliance needs which has considerably strengthened our approach to clients.”

Japanese Financial Institution

“As a CRO we required some specialist intelligence gathering techniques and asked DataProtech to advise. Through there advice and research we are now looking at using there OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) platform “HALO” to provide the required intelligence sets.”

Global CRO

“For us our clientele expects to be looked after to the highest degree possible and this also includes ensuring their privacy when visiting our locations. We needed to ensure our information technology and the data protection around our client’s data was sufficient to provide such an assurance to our clients. We where recommended a UK based company called DataProtech who did a great job in securing our locations and provided excellent advice on how systems and policies should protect our clients. We contracted with DataProtech to provide these services and we are very satisfied with the outcome.”

Pakistan based hospitality company

“DataProtech provided us with a detailed vulnerability assessment based on certain criteria we provided. The report was far more detailed than we expected and clearly showed that the DataProtech team has a vast level of expertise. We plan to work with DataProtech again in the very near future.”

UAE based business organisation

“As a foreign educational institution with a large IT estate we had become entrenched in our ways and we knew change was required. After vetting several local organisations, we looked further a field and discovered DataProtech who brought about a fresh, professional and highly energetic set of services. We fully embraced their advice and now we have a clear 3-year roadmap thanks to DataProtech.”

South Asian Educational Institution

“As a European financial services company, we required assistance from DataProtech to conduct an internal assessment of our systems, policies and procedures. The DataProtech team provided a complete assessment and reporting project which involved all departments within our organisation, the process and reporting was of an extremely high standard. We have now contracted with DataProtech to provide these services on an on-going basis.”

European Financial Services Organisation

“Development of AI platform development, data-lake, data visualisation and analytics complimented by robust security, vulnerability assessment and GDPR policies helped us win new businesses and grow our footprint in the pharma industry.”

UK Pharmaceutical Company

DataProtech have been instrumental in guiding our organisation through the latest compliance requirements for GDPR and PCI. There service is extremely professional and due to covid-19 it was conducted remotely with no issues whatsoever, we are very impressed with the service.

UK Leading Financial Services Provider

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