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The Main Trends in Mobile App Development That Will Dominate in 2021

In the last few years, mobile apps have constantly changed our lives. And due to their great popularity and usability, they represent a significant opportunity for learners and businesses. According to Statista, mobile apps are expected to generate approximately USD 189 billion in revenue. Moreover, many experts have already stated that the mobile app development industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and shows no signs of slowing down in the future.

With recent technological advancements and new inventions coming almost every day, it is not wrong to believe that 2021 will be the year of mobile apps and that entrepreneurs and companies will have more opportunities to do business in the future. After our team of business analysts conducted extensive research, we have identified and listed below the most promising trends in mobile app development that will dominate in 2021.


The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Era is Just Beginning

AR and VR are cool! There is no doubt about it. But in 2021, their use will no longer be limited to gaming applications. Tech giants are already developing lots of new applications for both. For example, both Google and Apple released new AR demos on their latest devices, proving that AR/VR will change the game shortly. These technologies are also expected to be used on social platforms for branding and targeting potential customers through AR/VR apps beyond the screen.

Snapchat and Instagram, for example, have already launched their AR filters that can transform a human face into various fun digital characters.


Some examples of AR and VR trends

  • Disrupting mobile AR
  • AR in marketing and advertising
  • AR in healthcare
  • AR in manufacturing


Smart Things – The New Era of Mobile, Connected Bright Things

The words “smart objects” or “smart things” were initially coined by relatively new technology: the Internet of Things. Also known as IoT, it is essentially a network of physical objects with sensors, electronics, and software, all connected in the network itself. For example, Samsung, Xiaomi, Bosch, Honeywell, and many other major brands already have a significant market share. Recent trends in IoT app development include Kisi Smart Lock, Nest Smart Home, Google Home, etc. IoT is generally considered one of the game-changing technologies in the world of mobile app development. The global IoT market expects to generate a revenue of USD 1.335 trillion by 2021.

Future IoT trends

  • Smart homes and intelligent zones
  • Routers with more security
  • Self-driving cars
  • IoT in healthcare

AI and Machine Learning

Both AI and machine learning have penetrated quite deeply into the mobile application market. AI has mainly manifested itself in chatbots, while Siri, the combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence, has become an integral part of mobile app innovations. In 2021, AI and machine learning power will not be limited to chatbots and Siri. Many organizations have already begun to embrace the development of AI applications to increase profitability and reduce operational costs in various forms. In fact, according to IDC, over 75% of workers using ERP solutions will now harness the power of AI to develop their skills in the workplace. It means that not only are AI and machine learning embedded in today’s mobile applications, but they also offer a significant opportunity for future innovation.


Future trends in AI and MI you should watch for

  • AI-enabled DevOps through AIOps
  • Artificial intelligence chips
  • Machine learning
  • Neural network interoperability


Beacons – A Market Worth Millions

Beacons are not an innovation anymore. Several sectors, including museums, hotels, and healthcare, are now using beacon technology in their applications. We think it is fair to say that beacon technology has become more understandable to ordinary users. However, their applications will not be limited to 2021. Beacons have a much greater capacity than that. For example, beacons combined with IoT in retail can help users by providing them with valuable information about sales and other current offers they may find nearby.


Future trends in beacon technology 

  • Beacons for mobile payments
  • Artificial intelligence chips
  • Machine learning
  • Beacon scavenger hunt


Cloud – the must-have for future mobile applications

While many still consider the cloud a luxury option, this will no longer be the case by 2021. The world is already beginning to realize the benefits and opportunities of the cloud. For example, reduced web hosting costs, improved upload capacity, and streamlined business operations are just some of the benefits offered by the cloud. Today, many security-related issues are solved through the cloud, making mobile application development more secure, fast, and reliable. 

In addition, using cloud technology such as Dropbox, AWS, SlideRocket, and many others, it is now possible to develop robust applications that run directly in the cloud. This means that we should also expect to see other equally powerful applications that require minimal storage on the smartphone in 2021.


Cloud computing trends in 2021

  • Quantum computing
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Evolution of cloud services and solutions


Mobile Wallets – The Game Changer for Mobile Banking 

There is no doubt that demand for mobile payment app development is on the rise, and with security being the main concern for developers, the use of mobile wallets will only increase in 2021. Frictionless payment methods are what today’s customers like to see in the mobile applications they use.

So, by 2021, mobile wallets and the integration of payment gateways offering the highest level of secure encryption will become commonplace in all types of mobile applications.

 Mobile banking trends to look out for

  • Over 2 billion mobile wallet users
  • More secure mobile wallets
  • Contactless payment


Blockchain – Things Beyond Bitcoin and Smart Contracts

Since its inception, blockchain development has opened up a world of new and more exciting possibilities in the IT industry. In 2018, we all saw the use of blockchain technology used to create cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. However, in reality, blockchain is more valuable than you can imagine. For example, decentralized mobile apps can develop using blockchain. Decentralized mobile apps, or DApps, are essentially apps that not only belong to no one but also can’t be shut down and have no downtime. Simply put, the blockchain expects to contribute more to the mobile app industry by making the mobile app itself decentralized, just as the bitcoin blockchain did for money.


Future trends in blockchain technology

  • Asset tokens
  • Blockchain as a Service (BAAS)
  • Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Cryptocurrencies and games


Wearables – The Essential Accessory of the Future

There is no denying that the wearable electronics market is increasing. According to Statista, the value of wearables expects to reach more than $44.2 billion by the end of 2021. It means that there is a precise volume of investment in the wearables market but that in the future, the word “wearable” will be as redundant as the word “smartphone” is currently. Currently, the main control panel of any wearable device is the smartphone and means that to create a wearable device, the devices need to be paired with it and need to be nearby. However, according to UNA co-founder Ryan Craycraft, our smartphone will no longer be the central hub shortly. Apps developed by wearable devices will have a more ubiquitous connection directly to the web and perhaps even to our bodies.


Future trends in wearable electronics for 2021

  • Wearable technology takes the top spot in fitness trends for 2021.
  • The rise of wearables is leading to a decline in sales of traditional watches.


On-Demand App Development – The Most Successful Business Model of Modern Times 

The on-demand business model was once considered an inevitable bubble in the mobile app world. Today, however, on-demand services are the future. Almost every industry has embraced the on-demand model and no sector will abandon this successful business model in 2021. To date, 42% of the adult population uses at least one on-demand service. And there is no sign that this on-demand trend is going away anytime soon. Overall, the on-demand trend is here to stay, and their competitors will surely crush companies that don’t adapt.

 On-demand trends in 2021

  • Greater focus on the B2B sector
  • More industries will embrace on-demand applications

2021 and Beyond…

We believe that keeping up with the latest trends and technologies is the key to keeping up with the ever-changing demands of customers and competitors. We hope we’ve shared some great insights on mobile app development trends for 2021 in this blog. While it’s hard to determine the exact benefits of all the mobile app development companies for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to experts if you do. We guarantee that your app will stand out in the mobile app market.

Enhance Cognitive Bandwidth with Outsourced Web Research Services

The web research process is essential for businesses irrespective of the industry verticals they deal in. From global Corporates to small and medium-sized enterprises to aggregator startups, organizations need online research to take the data-driven approach. This helps them in making informed decisions and scale new heights.


Efficiently performed internet research enables stakeholders to perform competitor analysis. They can learn about the evolving market demographics, shifting consumer preferences, and other factors impacting business growth. Above all, the insights derived after analyzing data help the leaders to understand the demand and supply chain in the market.


This enables the businesses to ace their peers and gains a competitive advantage in the industry. They can identify the gaps and uncover unique opportunities for themselves. Last, but not least, companies can devise effective strategies as well as chalk out roadmaps that bring in growth. This consequently helps them to gain big wins in profit and get incremental ROI.


However, the web research function is a significant undertaking. It is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process that requires dedicated efforts. Otherwise, the analysis can be delayed leading to a slowed-down decision-making process. Managing it along with other core competencies becomes challenging for a majority of organizations.


On the other hand, hiring an in-house team is not always a feasible option. It not only involves a tiring recruitment process, but it also adds to operational expenditures substantially—in terms of technology implementation, employee salaries, infrastructural investments, etc. Instead, a smart option is to engage professional web research services.


Benefits of Engaging Professional Web Research Services


Apart from being a cost-efficient alternative, associating with outsourcing companies enables businesses to utilize their resources strategically. They can enhance the cognitive bandwidth of their employees as well as increase productivity. In addition to this, they can reap a host of other advantages as mentioned here.

  • Professional Excellence


The offshoring vendors have a pool of competent professionals hired from around the world. They have hands-on experience in the web research process and know what it takes to cater to the client’s needs. These professionals work as an extended in-house team to help businesses achieve the set goals and strive to deliver excellence in every endeavor.


  • Technological Competence


Equipped with the latest technologies, streamlined processes, and a time-tested blend of manual workflows, the external vendors can efficiently scrape out large volumes of data from any number of resources. They leverage the right-fit tools to exceedingly meet the client’s requirements. If needed, the professional providers can also alter their operational approach.


  • Industry Compliant Practices


There are numerous data-related laws that have to be taken care of while dealing with such tasks. Business as usual, they stay updated with all the latest norms, rules, and legislation. So, they abide by all such regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, ADA, DDA, CGPA, and so on. All their practices are industry compliant and follow stringent data security protocols to ensure its confidentiality.


  • Quality with Accuracy


These two are the most important factors that are considered by businesses before outsourcing such ancillary tasks. The fact is acknowledged by the professional providers and lays focus on quality as well as the accuracy of the outcomes. Having in-built quality check systems, their QA team ensures that the results are error-free. Also, they assure up to 99.99% accuracy.


  • Scalability and Flexibility


A conspicuous advantage of engaging professional services is the versatility they provide. This means that the offshoring companies offer the ease of scaling their operations upwards or downwards based on the client’s needs. They have flexible delivery models to ensure that the outcomes are efficient and thorough across different industry verticals.


  • Customized Solutions

Every business has distinct requirements. The fact is well addressed by the professional providers. After properly assessing and understanding the client’s pain points, the outsourcing companies offer them a customized and comprehensive suite of offerings including online research services, market research services, internet research services, etc.


Wrapping Up

If you are looking to prospect web research services, you can find a good bunch of options. Make sure that the outsourcing company understands business requirements and project’s needs as well as aligns their outcomes with your unique goals. Therefore, your major goal should be finding the right partner!

De-constructing Use Cases for Big Data Solutions

Big data analytics are used in the tremendously big, varied data groups that include organized and unorganized data from many separate bases, and all over the various sizes from terabytes to exabytes.

Data pertaining to a massive amount of data in both the organized and unstructured formats may be referred to as big data. As cloud computing becomes a common feature of many different companies all across the globe, this has become an essential tool for companies of every size. When it comes to one particular firm, big data has an extremely wide array of possibilities. Information technology is rising in popularity over the last decade as organizations of all sizes understand its vital relevance.

By making use of knowledge that can be obtained via the use of big data, enterprises may use this information to make high-impact business choices that can give their company an edge over its competitors. Our ability to surpass our opponents in every area makes us a market leader.

While it may seem straightforward, a big data analysis method requires a number of sophisticated procedures that include scrutinizing enormous and various arrays of data. to get a better understanding of and emphasize recent landscape, structures, associations, hidden linkages, inclinations, and other prominent discoveries and data found in a given collection of data.

While there are many components of Big Data analysis that may get used by small companies to proactively create data kind planning, there are also numerous methods that may be utilized by small firms to create simple decisions.

Whether it requires a third party to develop a solution or if it is essential to provide a dedicated staff with the required tools to handle such data, this will depend on the demands of the organization. A well-defined strategy for including fundamental classes unique to the platforms and frameworks a company employs to help its employees generate data-driven outcomes should be part of any preparation strategy.

There is a lot of big data in every aspect of our lives. What is continuously rising is the requirement to gather and retain all the raw information and numbers, regardless of the current magnitude, to ensure nothing is overlooked. This leads to the generation of a vast amount of data in nearly every discipline. The need for a big amount of data and statistics to drive current company practices and overtake rivals is a top priority for IT professionals right now because of the vital part it plays in generating options, developing new approaches, and getting ahead of rivals. In the analytics of big data, there is a significant need for specialists who benefit to procure and inspect each of the ballistics data which is stored. This holds various chances for those who fill these roles.

Big data analytics is significant by disrupting many sectors

Organizations may utilize big data analytics to make use of their data and utilize it to uncover new possibilities. As a result, a firm will be better about its operational decisions, more efficient at running its operations, and will have a greater return on investment and better-off consumers.  A Marketing Analytics platform is built for a crowdfunding platform in order to generate improved campaign performance.

To a rising number of businesses, big data is no longer a choice, but an unavoidable development, as both the volume of structured and unstructured data is increasing fast, along with a vast network of IoT devices that collect and process it.

The significant prospects for corporate expansion provided by big data exist for every sector, including:

  1. IT infrastructure that uses data-driven systems enable firms to automate time-consuming tasks such as data collecting and processing.
  2. Over time, the usage of big data has led to new possibilities and trends which may be utilized to modify goods and services to meet the demands of end-users or to improve operational efficiency.
  3. Data-based decision-making: Machines learn on huge data, which serves as the cornerstone of predictive analytics software, and therefore allows computers to act proactively with educated conclusions.
  4. In terms of cost reduction, big data insights may be utilized to optimize corporate operations, eliminating superfluous expenditures while simultaneously boosting productivity.


Since all of the aforementioned factors have been introduced, it is no wonder that the significance of data as a corporate priority continues to expand. The use of data to operate a company is becoming the norm in the fast-paced, technology-driven society we live in today. If you aren’t using data to lead your organization into the future, you’re almost certainly destined to become a company of the past!

While advanced analytics has made it simpler to expand your organization with data, unfortunately, the recent breakthroughs in data analysis and visualization have led to a significant reduction in the need for more data. We’ve included a guide for researching your own business data above so you can get critical insights to further your organization’s progress.

Weekly Entering & Transitioning into a Business Intelligence Career Thread. Questions about getting started and/or progressing towards a future in BI goes here. Refreshes on Mondays: (June 28)

Welcome to the ‘Entering & Transitioning into a Business Intelligence career’ thread!

This thread is a sticky post meant for any questions about getting started, studying, or transitioning into the Business Intelligence field. You can find the archive of previous discussions here.

This includes questions around learning and transitioning such as:

  • Learning resources (e.g., books, tutorials, videos)
  • Traditional education (e.g., schools, degrees, electives)
  • Career questions (e.g., resumes, applying, career prospects)
  • Elementary questions (e.g., where to start, what next)

I ask everyone to please visit this thread often and sort by new.

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I’ve made a desktop that can load CSVs and enable you to write SQL on them. I’m looking for beta users!

Here is the app:

I’ve made it to solve my own problem when working with medium-sized CSV files (10mb to 1gb).

Excel has the 1m row limit, and I’m more familiar with SQL, which is easier to work with than vlookup and pivot tables.

Loading CSV into Sqlite and etc. using Sqlite/Postgresql is okay-ish. It’s inconvenient.

In the end, I’ve decided to make the app to make it more convenient.

I’m looking to improving the app more, so I would like to find more beta users. Please let me know if you are interested!

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A Pivotal Moment for Cyber Insurance

It’s fair to say that the explosive growth in ransomware attacks over the past year or so, combined with the big game hunting approach from ransomware operators, has set the cyber insurance industry back on its heels. As the direct and indirect costs of cyber attacks have increased, insurance providers have taken a renewed approach to cyber, and the role they play in helping set standards for detection, resilience and incident response.

Michael Phillips is Chief Claims Officer of the cyber insurance firm Resilience. He also serves as Co-Chair of the Ransomware Task Force convened by the Institute for Security & Technology. He joins us with insider insights on how specialists in the cyber insurance world are adapting to a rapidly evolving landscape. 

This podcast was produced in partnership with the CyberWire.

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